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There Goes The Bride - November 2008

by Ray Cooney and John Chapman

When harassed advertising executive Timothy Westerby hits his head on the morning of his daughter's society wedding, he awakes to find himself in the company of Polly Perkins, a 1920's flapper girl straight out of his current advertising campaign. It soon becomes all too clear that no-one else can see or hear her, and when another bump on the head transports Timothy back to 1926 and the Savoy Hotel, the wedding preparations disintegrate into chaos as friends and family attempt to lead Timothy back to reality and his daughter down the aisle before the newly arrived 'In-Laws' abandon the wedding.


Cast in order of appearance

Ursula Westerby Christine Slater
Judy Westerby Alison Cunnell
Dr. Gerald Drimmond John Bramley
Timothy Westerby Alf Blunden
Bill Shorter Nick Sparks
Daphne Drimmond Kath Howarth
Polly Perkins Carol Jewel
Charles Babcock Derek Brighton

Pictures from the show

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