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The Set

A comedy by Jack Popplewell

March 2004

The Cast were:
Mrs Piper Kath Haworth
Detective Constable Goddard Derek Brighton
Chief Inspector Harry Baxter John Bramley
Claire Marshall Carol Jewell
Miss Selby Christine Slater
Vicky Angela Whitmore
Mr Westerby Nick Sparkes
Mr Marshall Don Knibb

Images from the play:

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"Hello, I'd like to report a murder" What body? Well if it isn't Harry Baxter! Well it's not here now! Your call sir. "Now, When did you last see your husband?"
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"I heard water issuing" Come and sit down dear That knife was the murder weapon! Vicky, Mr. Westerby & Mrs. Piper

"I'd like you to type me a letter."

"What are you doing down there?"
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"I found these Keys" Mrs. Pipers secret hiding place "There's only crumbs down here!" "I've brought the chair back."

"Or their employer!"

"Goddard you fool. After him!"