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Phil and Jane, his wife-to-be are struggling to open their bed and breakfast. The inspector is due any moment. Except the inspector is Phil’s ex-wife Felicity, and there never was any love lost between the two women. There’s a rumour that Felicity’s latest beau used to be a Chippendale - not good when your first guests - two matronly women - are also due to arrive. And the place is almost - but not quite - finished, the rising wind threatening to blow the roof off the barn. The stage is set for misunderstandings, jealousy, women at war and even a burglary. That all-pervading scent of the farmyard doesn’t help either.

The Cast
in order of appearance

Phil Alf Blunden
Jane Samantha Keller
Ron Dean Bolton
Anne Linda Mortimer
Margaret Christine Keller
Felicity Carol Jewell
Lawrence Paul Kelly