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March 2007
The play, set in a 1960s holiday camp, follows Christopher (Andy Lofthouse), who takes his wife Mary (Val Lofthouse) on holiday to celebrate their first wedding anniversary, only to find the venue has until recently been an army camp with not many upgrades!

His wife has also invited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lott (Derek Brighton & Jenny Hutson) along as a surprise for him. However a meeting on their arrival with Bubbles Laverne an exotic dancer of Christopher's acquaintance (Carol Jewel) sends Mary running next door to her mother.

Fellow guest Ernie Higgins arrives (Ron Hutson), he knows the chalets of old as he worked in the NAAFI at a time when the funds went missing.
Add to this a motley mix of staff and the scene is set for an evening of chaotic entertainment. Directed by: John Slater


Here is a selection of photos taken during the show.
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