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Off The Hook

by Derek Benfield  Produced by Kath Haworth
November 2003

Who would think there could have been two Harold Spooks in the same prison? Well in this case there were, and between them a pair of shady characters (Nick Sparkes and Martin Coleman) managed to spring the wrong one (John Bramley) to recover the hidden money he didn't hide in the first place. Those more long serving members of our audience may recall that this was not the first time the Drayton  Players performed 'Off The Hook'. We actually did it the first time back in 1985. But it was so good we decided it needed another airing.

Some shots taken during the show. (Click on the thumbnails to enlarge. Use 'back ' on your browser to return )

"Come Carol" "That sofa is very uncomfortable" "You can feel the springs" "Now where's the coffee gone?" "Edna! Where are you going?"
"Now look, Major Catchpole, you've got coleslaw all over your cosset" "Edna, you're always creepin' around with a plate of 'am salad!" "Someone has been rummaging in my drawers!" "Don't speak to me Spook!" "Who's staying in that room now?"
"A've you seen 'arold?" "Let me show you to your rooms" "This is the place dad" "you missed the best bit. I had a net over my 'ead" "what's that youv'e left over there then?"
"It was.. Onion soup, Saddle of Lamb, Green Peas...." "I ought to 'ave a union, thats what I need!" DSC00142.JPG (86065 bytes) "I'm going to sneeze!" "Reminds me of a nightmare I once 'ad"

The cast were: (in order of appearance)

1985 cast:

Nora Catchpole  Carol Jewell Glenda Brooks
Edna  Linda Mortimer Liz Allport
Fred Baxter Martin Coleman John Cook
Major Catchpole Derek Brighton Ron Hillman
Charlie Mullins Nick Sparks Martin Coleman
Harold Spook John Bramley John Bramley
Mrs. Fletcher-Brewer Christine Slater Zena Polly
Carol Yolee Woodhouse Janet Mitchell
Polly Alison Cunnell Janet Betts
Mr. Parkinson Don Knibb Don Knibb