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Wednesday 6th April to Saturday 9th April 2016


A convalescent home is not be the obvious setting for a comedy but playwright Eric Chappell produced a play that was very funny and a real treat, full of twists and turns, some you see coming but plenty you donít!

  Alf Blunden played the role of the ultra-grumpy Frank Cook, a character besieged with health problems that have left him unable to walk without help and stuck in the convalescent home for some respite care. He soon finds a distraction with the arrival of fellow guest Paul Latimer, played by Dean Bolton who has a secret or two and a prejudice or two, which come to light as the play progresses.

  Christine Slater played the part of Frank Cookís long-suffering wife, June, who puts up with his moans and groans as he wallows in his self pity. She tries everything she can to help including providing a mobility scooter, which, unfortunately, has a mind of its own.

  Carol Jewel, who directed this production also played the part of Paul Latimerís wife who has her own problems to contend with, mainly linked with love rival Tracey, convincingly played by newcomer to our stage, Katie Hillsley,  who it emerges has an intriguing reason for running after him.


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