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The Cast

1987 cast:

Sarah Walling  Carol Jewel  Janet Betts
Cynthia Walling, (her sister) Christine Slater Glenda Brooks
Seamus Flaherty, an irish chimney sweep John Bramley Ron Hillman
Mrs D'arcy, the Wallings' housekeeper Angela Last Liz Allport
Henry Walling, the brother Alf Blunden John Bramley
Paul Martell, boyfriend of Sarah Nick Sparkes Martin Coleman
Sybil Walling, the mother Kath Howarth Liz Hillman
Detective Inspector Hardy Derek Brighton John McInnes
Sergeant Bray Martin Coleman Michael Cooper
Rosita Hernandez, a patient of Henry's Alison Cunnell Janet Mitchell
The Hon. Pamela Colefax, Henrys' fiance Yolee Woodhouse Liz Latimer

by Maurice McLoughlin  Produced by Don Knibb
November 2009

Set in the 1960's in the Walling residence in Hampstead, where Cynthia Walling had arranged for the chimneys to be swept before her Mothers imminent arrival home from a long break. From the moment the colourful character of Seamus Flaherty the Irish chimney sweep arrived, things went from bad to worse for poor Henry Walling. With shoes falling out of the chimney and the discovery of sinister mis-doings from the past a little further up, together with his quickly diminishing stock of whisky (all thanks to the sweep). And his wish to cover things up. Madness and mayhem ensued! With a lovely twist to the tale just before the final curtain, this play was a gem. We certainly thought so, this was the second time around for some of us as Wally Wyles produced this play for us in November 1987.