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24th to 27th March 2010

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After a bitter quarrel with his wife Jan (Christine Slater), Stephen (Alf Blunden) went on a bender, picking up nightclub singer Grena (Carol Jewel) along the way. As the evening progressed, Stephen was involved in a fracas in his own home, the aftermath of which found Grena lying on the floor, apparently dead. With the imminent return of Jan, Stephen tried to cover up the incident, however, his neighbour Matthew (Nick Sparks), realised that something was amiss, decided to indulge in a little blackmail. The ensuing complications include a most ambulatory "corpse" and a misapplied glassful of poison

The show was directed by Don Knibb. The cast in order of appearance were:

STEPHEN:   Alf Blunden
GRENA:   Carol Jewel
MATTHEW:  Nick Sparkes
JAN:   Christine Slater
Some pictures taken during dress rehearsal. Apologies for the uncompleted set. Click on the photo to see the full size image.

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