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November 2004

Where There's a Will

by Ian Hornby

Linda Parkinson Christine Slater
Derek Parkinson Derek Brighton
Mary Linda Mortimer
The Vicar John Bramley
Colin Parkinson Nick Sparkes
Carol Hargreaves Carol Jewell
Julie Rebecca Sprunt
Peter Martin Coleman

This hilarious black comedy opened amid a lengthy blazing row between Linda and husband Derek. Linda accused Derek of being unfaithful, but he was unaware that she is also having an affair - with his younger brother! Then the vicar entered ....
But that was only the start. With every turn of the page, things went from bad to worse!

The author visits us

The Audience loved it, we loved it, the press loved it and the author loved it! For the first time ever, we were honoured with the presence of the writer. Ian Hornby contacted us and requested to come and see us perform his work. After the show he said: "The best I've ever seen it performed". Thanks for coming Ian, it was great to meet you and your wife. We are really pleased you enjoyed it, and look forward to doing another of your plays in the near future.