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A comedy by Michael Cooney Produced by Alison Cunnell  - Wednesday 30th November to Saturday 3rd December 2005

This hilarious farce, written by Michael Cooney (son of Ray Cooney, star of many well known comedies) featured, amongst others: a benefit fraudster, an alcoholic inspector, a confused undertaker, a very confused lodger, a comatose hospital porter, a bewildered counselor and a washing machine with a mind of its own!
There were mistaken identities, accidents of coincidence, words with double meanings and 'near misses' in timing, which all led to a simple event descending into a nightmare of lie upon lie until it was hard to tell what was true and what was not. This play provided a hilarious evening of entertainment with laugh following laugh as the characters tried to extract themselves out of the chaos they had put themselves into.

Alison Cunnell, who has been a long standing and very valuable member of the Drayton Players since 1991 made her debut as producer for this production.
Well done Alison - Full marks on a splendid production!

Images from the show (Click on the image to see the full size version.)
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