top curtain
March 2002 

The Murder Room

The Cast were:

Edgar Hollister

Don S Wilty

Mavis Templeton-Hollister

Alison Cunnell

Lottie Malloy

Angela Whitmore

James Crandell

David Morrison

Abel Howard

Tony Wilds

Susan Hollister

Angela Rowe

A murder comedy by Jack Sharkey

Barry Draper

Nick Sparkes

Unlike the title of the play would have you believe, this play was not a dark sinister 'whodunit'  type drama, but a very well written mystery farce by Jack Sharkey and produced by Don Knibb. The play was set in the cottage of the newly weds, Edgar and Mavis Hollister. Mavis however did not marry Edgar for love, as you will know if you came to see us. 

Rehearsal for "The Murder Room"

Rehearsal for "The Murder Room"

Producer Don Knibb leads the cast through a rehearsal

Tony Wilds gets into a tight spot during rehearsal

"Dont Shoot!" The cast of "The Murder Room"

Dress Rehearsal 17th March 2002

Curtain line-up