top curtain

24th to 27th NOVEMBER 2010

This production was directed by Derek Brighton 

A Portuguese time-share villa had been double-booked, unknown to the company Rep, the myopic tippler Commander "Chitto" Chittenden (Alf Blunden). When Mary and Henry (Carol Jewel and Glenn Bramley)  arrived shortly after Eve and Leslie (Samantha Keller and Nick Sparkes), Chitto managed to remain unaware that there was more than one couple on the scene. The confusion was compounded when each couple mistook the other for the servants. Henry seemed to have the upper hand when he discovered that Eve was married, but not to Leslie, then his mother-in-law arrived (Christine Slater) and he had to bribe the other couple to impersonate his alibi, Sir Piers and Lady Marchbanks, Henry's girlfriend, Mary, had to play the servant, much to her annoyance but it looked as though things might have worked out until the real Sir Piers (Jonathan O'conner) arrived, followed by Henry's wife (Alison Cunnell). However, the final, hilarious disguises by Mary, Perky, Eve and Leslie might have just save the day!