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House by the Lake
The Murder Room
Cats Cradle
Curtain up on Murder
Off the Hook
Where there's a Will
Cash on Delivery
The Anniversary
An eye for an eye Darling
Lucky for Some
Trivial Pursuits
Murder in Company
There goes the Bride
Family Circles
Brush with a Body
Murder without Crime
Holiday Snap
Anyone for Breakfast
At the sign of 'The Crippled Harlequin'
The Ex Factor
No Dinner for Sinners
First Things First
Blithe Spirit
Stone Cold Murder
Dont Dress for Dinner
Happy Event
Side Effects
Anybody for Murder?
A Fly in the Ointment
Sex Please Were Sixty



1952 Rookery Nook .
1953 Acacia Avenue Tons of Money
1954 Candied Peel Miranda
1955 Is your Honeymoon really Necessary The Happiest Days of your Life
1956 Wishing Well Maiden Ladies
1957 The ex Mrs. Y The Happy Breed
1958 The Young in Heart Worms Eye View
1960 The Bride and the Batchelor Reluctant Heroes
1961 Flare Path See how they Run
1962 Rookery Nook Dry Rot
1963 Breath of Spring Caught Napping
1964 Dial M for Murder  You too can have a Baby
1965 Letter to the General Haul for the Shore
1966 Intent to Murder Basin Full of the Briny
1967 So many Children Fools Paradise
1968 Black Chiffon Chase me Comrade
1969 Tell Tale Murder Fish out of Water
1970 Peaceful Inn Flat Spin
1971 Secret Intent One for the Pot
1972 House by the Lake Wild Goose Chase
1973 The Big Killing Shock Tactics
1974 The Paragon Halfway up a Tree
1975 Murder Mistaken Uproar in the House
1976 Dilemma Move over Mrs. Markham
1977 Kind Cousin There goes the Bride
1978 Minor Murder How the Other Half Loves
1979 The Crooked Road Best of Friends
1980 Night was our Friend Caught on the Hop
1981 Something to Hide Not now Darling
1982 Death Walked in Present Laughter
1983 Doctor Brent's Household Quiet Weekend
1984 Suddenly at Home I'll get my Man
1985 The Irregular verb To Love Off the Hook
1986 The Enquiry Pardon me Prime Minister
1987 They call it Murder Brush with a Body
1988 Fools Paradise Panic Stations
1989 Murder Deferred The Taxpayers Waltz
1990 The Continental Quilt Houseguest
1991 Surprise Package Book of the Month
1992 The Restless Evil The Curious Savage
1993 Flying Feathers Strictly for the Birds
1994 Run for your Wife Seasons Greetings
1995 Dead Ringer Good Night Mrs. Puffin
1996 Out of Order Nightmare
1997 Murder in Play All my Sons
1998 Blithe Spirit Semi-Detached
1999 It Runs in the Family Don't Dress for Dinner
2000 Up and Running  No production
2001 The House by the Lake Haywire
2002 The Murder Room Cat's Cradle
2003 Curtain up on Murder Off the Hook
2004 Busybody Where there's a Will
2005 Slaughterhouse Cash on Delivery
2006 The Anniversary An Eye For An Eye, Darling
2007 Lucky for Some Trivial Pursuits
2008 Murder in Company There Goes the Bride
2009 Family Circles Brush with a Body
2010 Murder without Crime Holiday Snap
2011 Anyone for Breakfast? At the sign of the Crippled Harlequin
2012 The Ex-Factor No Dinner for Sinners
2013 Proscenophobia First Things First
2014 Blithe Spirit Stone Cold Murder
2015 Don't Dress for Dinner Happy Event
2016 Side Effects Anybody for murder?
2017 A fly in the ointment Heatstroke
2018 Sex Please Were Sixty The Opposite Sex
Also 'Olde tyme Music Halls' 1967,1968, 1969, 1971, 1973, 1975, 1977,1979, 1981 and 1983