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March 2009

The Cast (in order of appearance)

Edward Gray  Don Knibb
Emma Gray Kath Howarth
Jenny Tracey Catchpole 
Deirdre Carol Jewel
James Nick Sparkes
Oliver Derek Brighton
David Alf Blunden
Polly Christine Slater

Produced by John Slater
It is hard to argue there is actually a plot to Family Circles, it is essentially a hypothetical question acted out in front of our eyes of “what would have happened had I married someone else and what would have happened to them?”
Three couples come together for a wedding anniversary; each couple seems generally unsuited. During the course of the evening’s events and at the end of each act, the partners change while retaining their original characters. The final scene sees all variants of the relationships mixed together and on stage. Throughout this, there runs a sub-plot of the wives / fiancées trying to discover whether their father is trying to kill their mother.

Some photos taken during the show... (Click on any picture to view it full size in a new window.)

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